About us


Youth With A Mission is an international and inter-denominational missions organization with operations in 180+ countries and with 25,000+ full time volunteers.

YWAM Netherlands is a ‘family of ministries’ with over 200 fulltime volunteers working in training, evangelism and mercy ministry in more than 10 locations. YWAM The Netherlands (in Dutch ‘Jeugd met een Opdracht’ or JMEO) was established in 1973. In its 40+ years of ministry thousands of people have been impacted in The Netherlands and from the Netherlands into many nations.

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More about YWAM Netherlands (JMEO) as a Dutch charity? Click here for ANBI information in Dutch.

The Organization

YWAM is not a centralized lead organization but operates through relationships and her Statement of Faith and her Foundational Values. [see below]
All volunteers are living out of their calling and are depending on their own support group.

Collaborative Documentes

Other covenants that YWAM is committed to are: