Sneek – YWAM Friesland

JMEO Friesland start with the Take Off, a discipleship evening school of YWAM The Netherlands. The aim is to equip the participants to make their faith practical and to get a view on the Great Commission.

Arnhem -YWAM Arnhem/Nijmegen

YWAM Arnhem/Nijmegen aims to mentor church leaders and others who seek the welfare of the Arhem/Nijmegen region.


Amsterdamseweg 98
6814 GG Arnhem

T. 0264459309
E. jmeoarnhem@me.com
W. www.jmeoarnhem.nl

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Assen – YWAM Assen

YWAM Assen focuses on Equipping God’s people & Building Bridges


Elbestraat 81
9406 SV Assen

T. 0592 - 351323
E. assen@ywam.nl
W. www.jmeo-assen.blogspot.nl

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Ede – YWAM Ede

YWAM Ede organizes courses and seminars to teach Christians and to help them hear God’s voice, live out of His power and serve in a Jesus-like way in their own environment.


Otterloseweg 18a
6718 ZM Ede

T. 0318655187
E. info@ywam-ede.nl
W. www.ywam-ede.nl

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Heerde – YWAM House of Prayer

a ministry focuses on: 1. worship and intercession voor de local area of the Veluwe. 2. meditation, contemplation and prayer: Thomas a Kempis Meditation court 3. training and workshops


Zwarteweg 10
8181 PD Heerde

T. +31 578 - 691660
E. huisvangebed@ywam.nl
W. http://huisvangebedheerde.nl

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