Delden – YWAM Twente

Key words: discipling, training, coaching, educating, transformation, community, timely expressions of church, unreached people groups, leadership, seeker friendly
Training programs: Re-Loaded, Paradigm Shift, Mission Trips

Bleskensgraaf – YWAM Alblasserwaard & IWT

YWAM Alblasserwaard / IWT aims to reach especially youth with the gospel and equip and train believers in adopting a positive, contagious lifestyle as Christians.

Community projects

Dance lessons Alblasserwaard: Breakdance and Hip-Hop lesson every Tuesday Night. Grow in profession in those dances. See for more information YWAM Alblasserwaard.

Arise: The dance company Arise offers lessons in a variety of dance styles in Amsterdam, Apeldoorn and Almelo. Aim is to help children and teenagers grow professionally in the area of dance and with that get to know God better. See for more information YWAM Almelo.

Small Group Youth Rijnmond: Each fort night a group of young people gather around a theme, processing together how this affects their thinking and daily life behavior. See for more information YWAM Rijnmond.



Impact Beakers events: Preaching the gospel in partnership with local churches trough a show with stunts and dancers. See for more information YWAM Alblasserwaard.

Neighborhood ministry: ‘Think globally, act locally’ inspires YWAM-Arnhem/Nijmegen to be involved in a practical way in neighborhood activities within cities. Through this, supporting relationships are developed and more visibility of where Christians should stand for is the result. This could further lead to new and relevant expressions of church life. See for more information YWAM Arhem/Nijmegen.

Gateway City Event: Weekend long event in Almelo for young people to discover what is in the heart of God towards transformation for Almelo, the participants and their surroundings. See for more information YWAM Almelo.

The Year Around Teams: The teams bring young people together one weekend each month to discover who God is, how to strengthen a personal relationship with Him and how to share ones faith with others. See for more informatiou YWAM Almelo.

Evangelism Rijnmond: Once a month the team goes out onto the streets, talking and listening to people. See for more information YWAM Rijnmond.